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We are, first and foremost, a consultancy, so we don’t believe in turn-key solutions.

The way to best understand what we offer is to consider some of the typical challenges we work on for our clients.

If there is a common thread in our approach to these, and similar, questions it is our use of rigorous modelling techniques to gain the best possible understanding of the situation and our application of our business experience to find practical solutions.

Media Evaluation

  • Which of our recent media activities have paid back? What has worked best and worst?
  • We spend a lot on PPC. To what extent are the sales attributed in Google Analytics truly incremental?
  • Does rich display work better than static display? Is it worth the premium we pay?
  • We invest a lot of effort in seeding organic social media. Are our ‘earned’ mentions driving sales?
  • What about our paid social media (Facebook display)? Is that driving sales?
  • Prove the value of brand media. How does it perform relative to tactical media?
  • What is the right way to deploy a particular campaign? What media should we use, how should we flight it, over how many weeks and when?

Price & Promotions Evaluation

  • What is the impact of our price and promotional mix?
  • What promotional mechanics work best for us?
  • What will be the likely impact of a price rise across the board? Should we raise prices across the board or concentrate them on certain lines?
  • Should we align our promotions with our media activity?

360° Evaluation

  • What are the growth drivers of our business?
  • How do we gain share in the coming year?
  • Does the weather have a material impact on the business?
  • How are category and consumer trends affecting our growth trajectory?
  • What role does the wider economy have on our sales?
  • Our competitors have ramped up their marketing spend. What impact is this having on us?
  • To what extent has recent NPD been incremental to our brand?

Investment Optimisation

  • Are we spending the right amount on media and marketing?
  • At what point do diminishing returns set in?
  • How should we best allocate our budgets across brands and markets to drive profit and sales?
  • If we changed the balance between brand and tactical media, what would that do to sales and ROI?

Financial Simulation

  • Can you simulate the impact of different investment scenarios on our P&L? What would our forecast P&L look like in each case?
  • How much do we need to invest to hit our sales targets?
  • How do we demonstrate the case for increased marketing investment?

People like you… with questions like yours

Over the last 30 years we’ve worked across a wide range of sectors in many markets and met many of the common issues that arise within marketing analytics. We have extensive experience of working with people and organisations with little or no experience of econometric modelling, as well as those with more complex questions and challenges. We also understand the importance of securing internal buy-in so that stakeholders understand the process and the results are embraced and acted upon.

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