We combine the best of bespoke consultancy with data engineering


We are specialist providers of econometric modelling

Econometric modelling is at the heart of most of our work for clients.

It provides us with the essential objective measurement that is the jumping-off point for what we do for you – whether that is:

  • optimising media deployment to increase your return on investment
  • devising a new promotional strategy to increase your market share
  • helping you prioritise your resources – money and time – on the activities, brands and markets that yield the best return

We are not anti-other techniques, but our focus is on commercial outcomes – sales and profit – and we always ask ourselves: if it’s not moving the needle here, then what is it really doing for you?

Our owners work directly on your business

We’ve invested heavily in our back-end systems, technologies and processes to automate the essential, but laborious, parts of projects.

This means we can be quick. We can get models up and running rapidly from receipt of data, even for projects with (literally) hundreds of models. Thus we are able to – and do – work on scale projects.

It also means you get our time and attention where it matters, on insight, interpretation, recommendations, discussion and answering your questions – all those things that remain stubbornly human.

And it means that you get our owners working on your business – we don’t farm out the work to inexperienced analysts.

Independent, impartial and innovative, we work with many of the country’s best-known brands.

We are completely independent

In a day when marketing agencies are under tremendous pressure to be transparent about their commercial incentives, we think independence matters.

It matters to us. We want to give you our honest advice, based on our best insight and analysis and drawing on all our experience.

It also matters to you. You need to know that what we tell you, whatever that is, comes from having your best commercial interests at heart.

All this we can do because we are truly independent, owned and operated by our principals.


Tools for measuring ROI

We’ve developed our own tools specifically to help us answer the sorts of questions clients ask us, such as:

  • What ‘levers’ drove our sales, and by how much?
  • What is the return on our media investment?
  • How should we best deploy our marketing resources in future for the maximum effect?

How we can help

We help our clients answer questions about:


People like you… with questions like yours

Over the last 30 years we’ve worked across a wide range of sectors in many markets and met many of the common issues that arise within marketing analytics. We have extensive experience of working with people and organisations with little or no experience of econometric modelling, as well as those with more complex questions and challenges. We also understand the importance of securing internal buy-in so that stakeholders understand the process and the results are embraced and acted upon.

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