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We specialise in applying analytics to help businesses understand the connections between marketing and sales activities and outcomes. It is only through measuring the true incremental impact of an activity that we can judge it fairly and therefore we use empirical modelling approaches to build a knowledge base from which we can help clients derive insights.

Measuring not counting

In today’s ever-changing marketing landscape, new opportunities are competing for investment. Digital and social media have spawned a huge amount of data, but we know that counting is not the same as measuring. Which activities genuinely drove incremental value and which are simply harvesting sales driven by other channels or sales which would have happened anyway?

Data Engineering for the Big Data age

As well as a proliferation of data sources there has also been an explosion in the size of data sets, some of which fall in the category of “Big Data”. As a result we have invested in Data Engineering approaches that give us the capability to deal with the largest and most complex datasets, in order to extract the valuable information. Data Engineering and Analysis are linked but different disciplines and our approach is to separate out these disciplines

Independence and Experience

We offer a consultative approach to our clients – we do not employ large teams of juniors in data analysis and charting. All the work is undertaken and delivered by our senior partners. We are independent and privately owned which allows us to be completely impartial. We also have extensive experience working in large blue chip client companies which enables us to understand the business context better and deliver more insightful and actionable recommendations

Our goal is to inform your investment decisions by creating compelling and actionable marketing, promotional and communications insight.

With an engaging combination of in-depth analytics and market understanding, delivered in a pragmatic, thought provoking and action-focussed manner, the team at Metametrics were a key partner in supporting us through some tough commercial decisions as part of our strategic planning process. I would not hesitate to work with them again.
Senior Brand Manager
Leading FMCG Brand