We’d like to increase your sales, boost your ROI and save you budget. We’ll do this for you by optimising your ROI with Econometric Marketing Data Modelling.

As a team of Partner level econometrician consultants, we make sure we understand, your brand, your marketing, your business, the challenges and what you need to know to optimise your media spend ROI.

We then apply our rigorous modelling techniques to gain the best possible understanding of the situation. Combined with our business experience, we then find and recommend practical solutions.

We help our clients:

  • Understand the impact of their media spend.
  • Provide irrefutable ‘facts and figures’ proof about their ROI based on highly sound modelling and analysis.
  • Take the risk out of their media spend decisions – and make better media spend choices.

We give our clients:

  • A structured framework to manage their media and their thinking around media.
  • Actual answers around their media spend so they can say, “I know” rather than, “I think / hope”.
  • Confidence that everything has been taken into account…your data, your projections, media schedules, plans, on and off line activity…we want it all so we can use it to provide accurate analysis.

Tools for measuring ROI

We’ve developed our own tools specifically to help us answer the sorts of questions clients ask us, such as:

  • What ‘levers’ drove our sales, and by how much?
  • What is the return on our media investment?
  • How should we best deploy our marketing resources in future for the maximum effect?

Our pioneering approach to Bayesian Econometrics enables our clients to deal with the very real degree of uncertainty that we face in designing models for practical application in the real world.

You can find out more about the unique, and highly successful, Toolkit we have created, and understand some of the behind the scenes of econometric modelling.


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