We’ve got something exciting to share this month. Usually in these blogs we like to focus on an issue, or issues, that are salient for our clients and the brands we work with.

This month, if you’ll indulge us, we’d like to talk (briefly) about ourselves. Bear with us – it’s more interesting than it sounds.

This year, 2021, is a big year for MetaMetrics. Not only did we plan (and hopefully have continued) to provide our normally excellent modelling and consulting service to clients, but we also decided to invest in that service to make it even more helpful to our clients.

One thing we’ve spent the first half of the year developing, is an econometric dashboard platform. For anyone who isn’t familiar with econometric dashboards, what one of these does it to take the results of an econometric model and, instead of just showing a bunch of static pictures in a PowerPoint deck, it presents them to users as live, dynamic entities which they can interact with and interrogate to their heart’s content to get more out of their models.

And now, thanks to our fantastic technology partner, Amia Data Technologies, we have our own, bespoke, unique and, if we do say so ourselves, thoroughly stylish platform, MetaOS, on which we can serve up models and results to our clients. At the outset we explored different ways of accomplishing our goals, including looking closely at the many excellent off-the-shelf modules and environments for data visualisation and analysis, such as PowerBI and Tableau. However, what swung it for us in the end is the flexibility and control that a bespoke solution offered – that and a fortuitous introduction to Amia who brought a whole arsenal of skills and a wealth of experience from across many sectors and, not least of all, zeal and dedication to the challenge.

It was more work, but it was worth it. And we’re looking forward to hearing what our clients think of it. Three features that we think they will like:

Attractive and intuitive display – MetaOS presents model results in an attractive and intuitive way that allows users to interrogate their models, mine them for more nuggets of insight, download ready-to-go charts and visuals to drop into presentations, and even access the underlying data to do their own analysis and visualisation.

Shareability – It democratises econometrics – instead of one project being delivered to one team in a business, our clients can give access to any econometric models, that we’ve built, to anyone, encouraging sharing and cross-fertilisation across the organisation – perfect for the big brand clients we work with.

Security – With two-factor authentication, row-level security for completely customisable access control, built on the industry-leading Microsoft Azure platform – perfect, really, for putting important information in the right hands – and keeping it out of the wrong ones.

And this is just a beginning.

We have plans for our platform, including data integration, scenario simulation, media budget and laydown optimisation, tracking and – whisper it – AI-driven updates (but that’s another thing we’ve been working on this year and is still a surprise shhhh!).

That’s why we’ve called it MetaOS, as in ‘operating system’ because it’s more than a piece of software and indeed, than a simple dashboard. It’s a way of working, a new way of thinking and, ultimately, a new approach to econometric modelling and marketing analytics.

Get in touch for a free demo, to see MetaOS in action.

We’re excited. Can you tell?

Tom Lloyd

Founder & Managing Director, MetaMetrics