It’s here. Finally.

Our latest highly interesting and insightful e-book, The Big Book Of ROI, has just hit the shelves of your local bookshop (well…)

Our aim this time has been to provide a 101 guide to the whole topic of ROI, explaining what it is, how it is calculated and what you can and, as importantly, can’t use it for.

In it we cover such topics as:

  • How to calculate ROI
  • The importance of measuring media incrementally
  • What is marketing attribution and how do we do it?
  • Diminishing returns and why it’s so important to measure them
  • The interplay of the long-term and the short-term when it comes to making ROI-based decisions

As the name suggests it is something of a tome, but we’ve made it super-easy to navigate so you can skip to the parts you’re interested in or digest it in bite-sized pieces. It’s been a bit of a mission, not to say a labour of love, so forgive us for taking a little bit longer to get it ready, and thanks for your patience everyone who pre-registered for a copy – it will be winging its way to your inbox soon. For everyone else, you can get your copy here. It’s free. Just enter your email address, click the verification link you’ll be sent and then you’ll be sent a link to download the full book as a pdf.

We very much welcome your questions and feedback. If, upon reading it, you have further questions you’d like us to address, or suggestions for additional topics, please let us know, so we can make the next edition even more useful to more people.

Meanwhile, enjoy this edition. We hope it helps you all get a bit more out of your marketing.

Best wishes

Tom, Sam & Phil