The season of annual budget planning is once again upon us.

That time of the year when, as marketers, we set forth our ambitions for the coming year, against the backdrop of increased competitive pressures, declining or growing markets, instability, and uncertainty and, for the second year, the beloved global pandemic.

Also, the time when we get to bat often against recalcitrant colleagues from the non-marketing world who so often it seems are raising a sceptical eyebrow at our submissions and stopping their ears to our insistence that “we really need this” in order to deliver the organisation’s objectives.

Actually, we find, in these days of continual flux and agility, The Annual Budgeting Cycle has become less of an event for many of our clients who seemingly spend much of their years in continuous planning and re-forecasting.

But, that said, most of us still have to go through something like an annual planning cycle. Is there anything analytics can do to make the process easier? That’s the subject of this short guide, which you can download as a handy pdf using the link below.

In it we cover the 101 of setting your marketing budget from how not to do it, to setting objectives, to how you back it up with some science to prove – to yourselves as much as anyone – what you should be spending where.

Grab your copy here. Read it, digest, share it with friends and family, at least with your colleagues.

And if you want to talk to us about YOUR budgeting challenges, please feel free to drop us a line.