Our investment in data engineering powers our modelling platform and allows us to build models efficiently…

Modelling Platform

The modelling platform has been refined over years and allows us to build models quickly and efficiently. Its outputs directly feed our media optimiser and price promo simulator.

Media Optimiser

Our media optimiser plugs directly into our modelling platform and allows us to optimise media flighting, budget allocation and budget size


Our media simulator is an end-user tool that allows the creation and comparison of different media laydown scenarios to help you find the best option for your business

Promo IQ™

The modelling platform feeds into our price and promotion simulator, allowing us to create scenarios to assess the impact of price and promotions strategies on sales, revenue and profit – annually or weekly

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Once upon a time…

Despite being named after a Presbyterian minister who died over 250 years ago, the term ‘Bayesian’ has recently seen a surge in interest in modelling and analytics circles.

One of the reasons for this is the huge popularity of Nate Silver’s book ‘The Signal and the Noise’ which describes in layman’s terms the theory behind his astonishingly accurate US election predictions.

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