Welcome to MetaMetrics. We help clients understand their media ROI and improve their marketing effectiveness.

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We’re MetaMetrics and we specialise in marketing econometric modelling, helping our clients make better marketing decisions, prove and continually improve their results.

We’ll work with you, as a true partner, helping you understand what we’re doing, how you can use it, and what to do next.

We keep our clients close – you’ll only ever work with our team of Partner level econometrician consultants, with no juniors behind the scenes.

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About MetaMetrics

Our Owners Work Directly on Your Business

We work with senior marketers in data driven, ambitious brands who want to really understand how their media strategy is working and how to optimise their investment.

We create for them a structured framework to manage their media.

We give them actual answers around their media spend, so they can make better decisions.

You know your media spend is important – we can quantify by how much.

We’ve worked on both sides – agency and client – and understand the pressures. We’ve sat where you’re sat, been asked the questions you’re being asked, and had to provide the proof, make the decisions, justify them.

As a team of Partner level econometric consultants, with over 55 years of combined experience in econometrics, regular requests to lecture on marketing econometrics, and a formidable client list of known brands, we know our stuff.

Let us help you justify, quantify and prove yours.


How we can help

We help our clients answer questions about:

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Our clients and experience

Our combined experience spans 30 years, over 75 organisations, and a continually rigorous, structured approach to econometric modelling.

We work with people and organisations with little or no experience of econometric modelling, as well as those with established understanding and processes.

What they have in common is a desire to know. To understand. To quantify. To have an accurate picture of how effective their media spend is and use this to inform improvements and future decisions.

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